TJ Price’s corporeal being is currently located in Raleigh, NC, with his handsome partner of many years, but his ghosts live in northeastern Connecticut, southern Maine, and north Brooklyn. He is the author of the novelette The Disappearance of Tom Nero (May 2023), published by Spooky House Press. His work has also appeared— or is forthcoming—in Nightmare Magazine, Pidgeonholes, The Bear Creek Gazette, The NoSleep Podcast, and various anthologies. He can be invoked at either tjpricewrites.com or via the blue bird @eerieyore. Failing that, one can make a circle of chalk on the floor, stand in the center, and burn a photograph of a loved one until all that remains is ashes. Then, listen for a murmuring from within the walls. Leave your message after the sound of the screb.

Currently, TJ also serves as Associate Editor at Haven Speculative magazine.

Besides short stories, TJ also writes poetry, has two novels in a drawer (one good, one evil), and has also written a handful of plays. His writing leans on the shoulder of horror, if it is not outright grabbing its cold, cold hand. He is inspired by the work of Brian Evenson, Michael Wehunt, and Nathan Ballingrud, to name only a few. He also gets little palpitations upon reading the poetry of Charles Simic and Louise Glück, and is always down to read the latest Stephen King.

Email tjpricewrites@gmail.com to get in touch, or the below links to invoke him on social media.