Press Kit

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Short Bio (48 words)

TJ Price has left ghosts of himself all over New England, from the woods of northeastern Connecticut to the islands of southern Maine, though his most recent apparitions have been in the graveyards of Raleigh, NC and Twitter, where his incorrigibly loquacious poltergeist can be invoked at @eerieyore.

Long Bio (88 words)

TJ Price’s corporeal being is currently located in Raleigh, NC, with his handsome partner of many years, but his ghosts live in north-eastern Connecticut, southern Maine and north Brooklyn. He either is or has been a wine-seller; a wine-drinker; an avid reader, an obsessive writer; a pen-and-ink artist; a dishwasher; a neurosurgical technologist; a proof-reader; a storm-watcher; music-maker, and other sundry avocations. His work has been published in Coffin Bell Journal, Complete Sentence Journal, and The Bear Creek Gazette; he can be found at or on the blue bird @eerieyore.