Other Writers:

Demi-Louise Blackburn — A horror writer from the UK. Her writing is suffused with imagery, pervaded by melancholy, and haunted by humanity. Go on, indulge.

Michael Wehunt — If you haven’t heard me rant and rave about his work already, just go ahead and order his collection of short stories, Greener Pastures. The titular story alone will freeze you in your tracks with existential dread, but there’s more to this guy than just horror: he is deft and canny, weaving in and out of the liminal space between “literary” writing and “genre” writing. Once you’ve devoured Greener Pastures, pick up his novella, Everything is Beautiful and Nothing Bad Can Ever Happen Here, and then get in line behind me for anything else he ever publishes.

Matt Bell — A writer of lyrical, lush prose who takes the time to give back to the community at large – this link will take you to his substack, which is a monthly digest of his thoughts on writing, what he’s reading currently, and an awe-inspiring collection of free writing prompts. I aspire to be like this guy, someday.

Christi Nogle — A prolific writer of horror and dark fiction, Christi is invariably generous with her time as well as her experience in writing. She has a whole “Getting Started” guide for new horror writers on this website, and I am constantly inspired by her advice and by her polished, eerie writing.

Chelsea Pumpkins — Irrepressible, creative, and writing descriptive, creepy horror, Chelsea is a constant light in my life and an inspiration to keep writing.

Andrew F. Sullivan — Writer of razor-sharp prose and crystalline characters populating bleak, grimy landscapes. Sullivan’s dedication to his craft and his work is awe-inspiring. Drink deep, but buckle up.