Published Work

The Disappearance of Tom Nero (novelette) — Spooky House Press (May 2023) [here]

“Heavy Rain” — Howls from the Wreckage (HOWL Society Press) (June 2023)

“Stasis” (v2) — The NoSleep Podcast; Season 19, Episode 6 (story starts at 1:03:20) (March 2023)

“Old Man Vreen” — The Old Ways: Volume I (Eerie River Publishing) (February 2023)

“O My Heart, Curled Like a Fist Around Ropes of Blood” (three poems, including “the seafarer’s wife”, “dissever,” and “harvest”) — Crow & Cross Keys (February 2023) [read online]

“such small crimes” — Pidgeonholes, January 2023 [read online]

“The Burglar” — as part of Terrify Me!’s Halloween Special (October 2022) [read online] [listen here]

“Cherry-Grief Soup (Chilled)” — Deathcap & Hemlock (September 2022) [read online]

“Some Verses Regarding the Township (and Immediate Environs) of Bear Creek” — The Bear Creek Gazette, Issue 10 (July 2022) [archived here]

“The Creative Writing Assignment” — Drabbledark II, Shacklebound Books (May 2022)

“a robbery” — Complete Sentence (November 2021) [read online]

“Stasis” — Coffin Bell Journal, Vol. 4, Issue 1 (January 2021) [read online]