“The Creative Writing Assignment” accepted

Amidst a string of rejections, I am happy to say that a drabble of mine entitled “The Creative Writing Assignment” was accepted for forthcoming publication in Shacklebound Books’ Drabbledark II anthology. I’m proud of this piece, and am looking forward to checking out the anthology when it becomes available.

It’s been a particularly rough crossing this last month. My husband and I moved to Raleigh, NC from Brooklyn, NY, and about a month after some physically arduous labor, we are finally settling into our new arrangements. I’ve had some time to write, and I’ve been pleased with the output.

Sadly, due to the upheaval, I’ve not had access to a great many of my books and haven’t been reading as much as I could be. I aim to rectify this issue as soon as I have a comfortable place in our apartment to do so.

I hope this finds you, dear reader, whoever you are, doing well. If not, may that change for you soon.

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