The year plunges on. How three months have gone by since my last post, I do not rightly know.

Projects I am currently involved in have changed a great deal since then, so I’ll just make a quick list here to enumerate them.

  1. I’m an Associate Editor over at Haven Spec magazine: I’m reading submissions as well as writing a short column called the Haven Short Fiction Review.
  2. I’m reading submissions at Weird Little Worlds for their upcoming, highly-anticipated anthology of dark stories entitled “MOTHER: Tales of Love & Terror,” co-edited by Willow Becker & Christi Nogle.
  3. I’m involved in a community where we are currently challenging one another to a 10×10, or, 10 pieces created in 10 weeks. We’re about to enter week 4, and so far I’ve created three new pieces and am working on a fourth.
  4. I have a dozen stories out for submission at varying points of the process, floating in the ether between here and a reader’s eyes. This number continues to increase as I use anthology calls as prompts to write new stories.
  5. I continue to be an active editor and critique-partner for peers in a community of writers online.

I’ve also updated this website. You’ll notice that now there is a separate page for a Press Kit, which includes biographical information that can be used without advance permission, as well as a page for my pen-and-ink artwork, called “Sketchpad.” You can find both of these at the top of the page, under the menu.

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