“Old Man Vreen” to be published in Eerie River’s folk horror anthology

It’s been a bit of a month here at Price central. I get the astonishing news that my story, “Old Man Vreen,” was selected out of blind submissions to be a part of Eerie River’s forthcoming folk horror anthology.

I’m particularly proud of this story. It originated first as a snip of microfiction, a response on October 16, 2020, for the #SpooktoberPrompts, run and organized by Villimey Mist. At first, it was just a poem, a quick little snip for the prompt “hanging”:

This little crumb stuck in my craw for many months after I’d written it. I returned to it, the world of Old Man Vreen, and the environs in which it was associated, a number of times. Most of the time, it came out as a gesture-drawing, a sketch with words, but nothing fully formed as a ‘story’. Finally, on April 19th of this year, I was able to announce that I’d turned this scrap into a larger story. 6,000 words of one, too…

And here we are, August of the same year, and I can now announce that the little microfiction that refused to go away will now be published alongside some of the most talented writers I know in the weird/horror community.

I will post more information on this anthology as it becomes available!

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