“Cherry-Grief Soup (Chilled)” published in Deathcap & Hemlock

Today I bring you the glad tidings of another publication with my name attached—this time, as a part of a brilliant & creative project helmed by Julie Sevens: a fictional cookbook called Deathcap & Hemlock. This was such a creative and brilliant enterprise that I couldn’t help but submit something to their kitchen.

My recipe, “Cherry-Grief Soup (Chilled)” comes to you from the darkening orchard. You may not think you have one, but look again—and this time, out of the corner of your eye.

The crooked little recipe can be found here, with my thanks to Julie and the Deathcap & Hemlock team.

In other news, I’ve just received the proofs (with ingeniously cool formatting) for The Disappearance of Tom Nero, and I’m getting more and more excited about this project, which is due to release in the spring of next year.

I am also working on editing and helping out in a number of creative avenues with an anthology entitled Collage Macabre: an Exhibition of Art Horror. This table of contents is positively stacked with creative stories all circling around the central theme of artistic enterprise. My story, “Lack,” is a weird little piece about a couple whose foundering relationship’s cracks are exposed when a new, very black pigment (and an ensuing painting) comes into their lives. I can’t wait to release this to the world in April of 2023.

Many other projects are in the works, but some of them I can’t quite talk about yet, so please excuse the mysterious cliffhanger of this post. I hope to be able to report more on them soon.

In the meantime, I hope that you are keeping well, readers. Thank you for continuing to share this journey with me.

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