“such small crimes” published at Pidgeonholes

Today brings with it the announcement that I’ve had a small piece published in one of my very favorite online literary magazines, Pidgeonholes. “such small crimes” is a flash fiction that I wrote, generated in a writing prompt session with Joy Baglio, and tinkered with over the course of many months until it reached this, its final form.

Editors at Pidgeonholes were extremely helpful with their suggestions, and though I did not take all of them, I am thankful for their guidance and their help!

You can read “such small crimes” here.

In other news, a project that I’ve been working on for months now behind the scenes is finally coming to fruition. Collage Macabre, an anthology of art-related horror, is breaking its silence and finally coming to social media. The tentative release date is April 18, and if you’d like to know more about that project, you can check the following link, here. Collage Macabre consists of eighteen stories, of which mine is one, and I’m thrilled to bits to be in print alongside such talented writers and artists.

I’m also beginning work on another anthology-related project, but it is hush-hush for now. More news on that as it develops.

Keep an eye on this space as winter blossoms into spring! I have a number of other projects releasing soon, including poetry as well as short fiction, and I’m quite excited about all of it.

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