Listen to “The Burglar,” as part of Antony Frost’s Terrify Me! podcast

Hello! I had the pleasure of being a part of Terrify Me!’s Halloween special. I recorded this podcast with an estimable group of writers: Antony Frost, Andrew F. Sullivan, Chelsea Pumpkins, Elton Skelter, Gully Novaro, and Mob.

Each of us served one another with a prompt for a flash fiction piece, and we had a limited amount of time to come up with something. My contribution was “The Burglar,” which closes out the ‘cast, but you should definitely listen to everyone else’s—

“Gummy Bears,” by Andrew F. Sullivan, is a whacked-out, druggy piece of fiction that, with its indelible imagery and familiar tone of voice, will have you wondering which reality is real.

“Conscience Rock,” by Chelsea Pumpkins, is an inventive and descriptive take on a real-life curse, with realistic characterization and great dialogue, to boot.

“Not a Competition,” by Elton Skelter, is a quick and dirty piece about what it means to be first, even if there are terrible consequences to winning. Skelter’s prose is natural and easy to listen to: you feel like the narrator is in the room with you, telling you this story.

“Closure,” by Gully Novaro, is a brilliant twist on the trope of the Monkey’s Paw, peppered with haunting lines and a finale that will leave you heartbroken, dabbing at your eyes.

“Temple Underground,” by Mob, is a brilliant take on the urban legend, told in voicemails, with a terrifying attention to detail and emotional nuance. Listening to this one will make you feel uneasy, as if you’re actually listening to the story unfold through the tiny speaker of your phone…

Go! Listen!

And if you’re curious how my story reads in written form, you can check that out here.

Happy Halloween!

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