The Disappearance of Tom Nero makes its way into the world

The Disappearance of Tom Nero, scheduled to release on 16 May 2023, has revealed its cover, announced itself on Goodreads, and is now available to pre-order at Amazon,, B&N, or wherever you shop for books. It will be available as both a paperback as well as in eBook form.

Here is the full wrap of the cover art, by Leah Gharbaharan (A.K.A. “Schism“):

The link to pre-order is here, and here, and here:

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Or you can slip my book in-between the other ones on your lengthy list and it will lodge there (like a burrowed splinter) until one day your list forces it to the top, on Goodreads.

Additionally, I was interviewed on a podcast hosted by some friends where I talked a bit about this book and other endeavors, as well as rambled on some other topics. You can check that out here: Cutthroat Queens podcast, Episode 3: A Screb as Old as Time.

And thank you for your interest in my work, as always. Stay tuned for other news about this (and other!) projects as they happen—or slightly thereafter, which seems to be my wont when updating this website.

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