A trio of poems published at Crow & Cross Keys

This dark triad, collectively entitled “O My Heart, Curled Like a Fist Around Ropes of Blood,” includes three poems: ‘the seafarer’s wife,’ a dirge about dreaming; ‘dissever,’ a nightmare about divorce; and ‘harvest,’ which is a nasty little love poem.

I have Elou Carroll, editor-in-chief of this lovely magazine, to thank for this publication. Her avid and discerning eye seeks out the lyrical in both poetry and prose, and I’m honored to be a part of that curatorial vision. Check out the archive for more breathtaking work by a multitude of creative writers.

You can read my poems here.

In addition, I’ll have a story releasing as part of Eerie River’s THE OLD WAYS, which is a two-volume set of folk horror. They cooked up this cool little graphic (below) for me to share with you. The anthologies drop at the end of this month, and they include not only my story, but a variety of work by my peers and colleagues. I do hope you check it out. Pretty snazzy cover, right? I will post more on this anthology as we get closer to the publication date.

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